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FOURTH MEETING OF THE EXPERT GROUP on Informal Sector Statistics (Delhi   Group)Geneva, 28-30 August 2000 Room IV (R.3 South), ILO Building


Monday,   28 August

Morning   session


(Chair: Mr. Sastry, India; Rapporteur: Ms. du Jeu, ILO)

A) Opening of the meeting (Mr. Sastry,   India; Mr. Ashagrie, ILO)

B)Adoption of the agenda

C) Designation of chairpersons and   rapporteurs for the technical sessions

D) Administrative matters (Ms. du Jeu,   ILO)

Topic   1:Results of surveys on the informal   sector conducted by different   countries - Advantages and limitations of different survey methods   and survey designs for the data collection

Topic   4:Development of strategies to   address sampling frame and weighting issues

(Chair:   Mr. Charmes, WIEGO; Rapporteur: Ms. Guerrero, UNSD)

Papers   by: Mr. Nsour, Jordan

Ms.   Gonzalez, Colombia

Ms.   Budlender/Mr. Buwembo, South Africa

Ms.   Boonperm, Thailand

Mr.   Mossa, Ethiopia

Mr.   Shrestha, Nepal

Ms.   Unni, WIEGO

Country   paper, India

Ms.   Filgueiras/Ms. Valadao, Brazil

Mr.   Tasti, Turkey

Mr.   Hussmanns, BLO

Mr. Abbasi,   Australia

Afternoon   session

Topic   1: continued

Cocktail at 17.30 in Salon 1, ILO Restaurant, R.2 North

Tuesday,   29 August

Morning   session

Topic   1:    continued

Topic   2:Methodology for   developing more accurate measures of value   added

Topic 3:  Estimation of the contribution   of the informal sector to GDP   on a regular basis

(Chair:   Mr. Shrestha, Nepal; Rapporteur: Mr. Loh, ESCAP)

Papers   by:  Mr.   Mirzoyan/Mr.Gjougyan, Rep. of Armenia

Mr.   Sinha/Mr. Sangeeta, India Country paper, India

Mr.   Virola/Ms. de Perlio, Philippines

Mr.   Negrete, Mexico

Mr.   Charmes, WIEGO

Ms.   Arboleda/Mr. Loh, ESCAP

Afternoon   session

Topics   2 and 3:                         continued

Wednesday,   30 August

Morning   session

Chair:   Mr. Sastry, India; Rapporteur: Ms. du Jeu, ILO)

5.  Future work of the Delhi   Group

A) Date and venue of the next   meeting

B) Agenda of the next   meeting

C) Other

6. Other business

A) Handbook for Measurement of the   Non-Observed Economy (Underground, Informal, and Illegal activities) (Note by   OECD)

B) Alternative aggregates and sub-divisions   for the informal sector in   ISIC, Rev.3 (Note by ILO)

C) Other

Afternoon   session

(Chair:   Mr. Sastry, India; Rapporteur: Mr. Hussmanns, ILO)

7.    Adoption of the recommendations of the meeting

8. Closing   of the meeting

Note:   Morning sessions will run from 9.00 to 12.30 am, and afternoon sessions from   14.00 to 17.30. During each session, there will be a coffee/tea break of 15-20   minutes.